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Proofing and printing

Next to my work as a photographer i am also running my own boutique-postproduction and printing studio together with some friends where we offer FOGRA Certified Proofs and Art Prints and Framing.

One of the other things we are also offering is to help people setting up a good calibrated work environment which helps you to work worry free on you're next upcoming book or exhibition. If you make a book or brochure its sometimes handy to get real proof prints to see how the colours translate from RGB to press.

Today i am making a custom print profile for Epson hot press Natural paper on a Canon IPF8400 big format printer.

This is one of the reasons why we chose to work with a calibration solution like i1pro2 which allows us to make weird combinations in paper and inks and still get a good predictable result.

I Really like the way you can print relatively hassle free on the canon printers on special papers.

Its a bit of a test for our new print workshop to see if we like the results enough to start selling this option.

Our idea is to offer 2 different papers, 1 baryta style paper with a semigloss rich texture and 1 matte with a smooth surface for nice large prints.

We are looking at a very nice frame maker to be able to offer 2 different style of frames around the photo, 1 with museum-glass and 1 without and three options of wood : maple, oak and walnut. I can't wait to show you the results.

If you ever need FOGRA Certified Proofs or want to see the papers we print on up close or want to gasp at our beautiful sample frames don't hesitate to give us a shoutout :-)

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